The environmental department is run by our lead Environmental practitioner with great efficiency alongside the rest of the environmental team.

Smartwaste ER
The number one SWMP tool for managing all aspects of preparing, implementing and reviewing site waste management plans. Starkold manage this system on behalf of our clients.

Now a legal document required on any project over the value of £300k Our team will work with you throughout the design stage and will also implement the policy through the project.

Waste procurement and Brokerage
The Environmental team have over 20years experience working with our waste partners giving full UK coverage and in turn, giving us easy access to procure your waste needs effectively and efficiently meeting client recycle rates every time for your specified geographical location. Please give us a call if you require a price.

We will take care of all your recycling needs including hazardous waste, if there are any rebates from metal this will be calculated at the agreed rate and will then be credited back to your project.

Halving Waste to Landfill
The Halving Waste to Landfill Commitment was designed by WRAP to provide a supportive framework to encourage the construction industry to work together to reduce waste. The Commitment’s clear supply chain approach to measurement and common metrics helps signatories to achieve year on year improvement and generate significant cost savings. Starkold have indeed agreed to this commitment year on year.

Environmental Reporting and Auditing
The team will carry out any audits or reporting for your project also including Smartwaste and Optimise

Environmental training and mentoring
We have the ability t6o carry pout some of our training in-house, however one of our environmental partners will assist on any specialist training.

Our team will work with you and help where required to design a bespoke environmental system for your organisation.

ISO 14001
Starkold continually working towards Environmental improvement. Click here to view our certificate.

Please contact us anytime for a quote or to find out more.


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